Climate Solutions


Maryland is specifically susceptible to climate change because of our proximity to the mighty Chesapeake. Studies have shown that the lower eastern shore, the Annapolis area, and Baltimore are at a much higher risk for rising sea levels and flooding than other areas in the region and country. Our average temperatures have increased steadily, leading to reduced crop yields – which our state relies so heavily on. Climate change directly impacts our farms and our bay, which affects the livelihood of so many Marylanders. 

Democrats have passed a historic climate change bill in the state house this year, showing once again that Maryland can be a national leader in the battle with climate change. The Climate Solutions Now Act dramatically curtails greenhouse gas emissions in our state and puts us on a path to be one of the first states to achieve net zero emissions by 2045. Our current slate of candidates have pledged to prioritize this climate crisis with the full resources of their teams. And the Inflation Reduction Act included some of the largest-ever investment promises toward climate change.

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